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Body Treats Cancellation Policy

Body Treats understands that unexpected events happen in our daily lives that are out of our control. There are many reasons why one may cancel their spa services, however, we hope that you keep the following considerations in mind.  Please do your best to respect our time and we will do our best to respect yours. 


Credit Card Information is now required upon scheduling with Body Treats Massage and Spa.

Same Day Cancellation/Same Day Rescheduling & No Shows: 

Calling to cancel/reschedule an appointment the same day or "no shows" will be billed the FULL cost of every session scheduled for that day and further services will be denied until fee is paid. (If no credit card is on file)

You may send anyone in your place to avoid a charge. 

Your credit card will be charged this fee no matter if you were paying for your services with cash, check, credit card or gift card.


Arriving Late: 

We ask that you arrive on time for your appointment but know that not every clock is the same.  Any tardiness at or over 10 minutes will result in a shortening of your session.  You will still be charged the full amount of the cost of the original session. 


Thank you for understanding our time is just as valuable as yours, 

Body Treats Massage and Spa Management 

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