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In the Beginning....

Body Treats was started on a wing and a prayer in January of 2006. Kimberly Hager was in Massage School at Metro Business College and was in the process of creating her Business Plan for a class she was taking. Kim was not really interested in starting her own business at the time. She just wanted to go to work, put in a full day and go home knowing she helped out the people she came into contact with that day. Nonetheless, she still had to think of a name for her project. Body Treats Massage Therapy was the words that popped into her mind as she was brainstorming. She turned in her amazing business plan and how she thought everything would go in a business if she did own it herself. A few months went on and as she was nearing the end of the quarter before graduation she had contacted a few of the salon's in town to seek out employment. They either didn't have room or had already picked up a massage therapist who was working with them. Feeling as though she had received an education which she wouldn't use, she was driving through town and saw a Business for rent sign in the front of a building on South Main Street. Not knowing how to run a business she was sceptical about making that leap. As she talked to her friends about it and did some research she realized first that it would only be herself she would have to take care of, no employees to keep on track and on time, and second she would give it a go and see how it went. She put a deposit down on the building and paid the first months rent, moved her massage table in along with a desk and a computer and opened her first day on January 5th 2006. There were a number of people who "tried" Kimberly out to see how her massage was who are still Body Treats clients to this day. We want to thank those people and the rest of our clientele base who chose Body Treats as their partner to relax with. #inthebeginningbodytreats #bodytreatsthestory #downtownperryvillesquare

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