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Massage Therapy

Swedish Massage

A soothing and relaxing massage to reduce stress, boost immunity and ease muscle aches. Using techniques to stretch muscles and loosen fascia with ease. Light to moderate pressure is applied to achieve these goals. 

Deep Tissue Massage

Utilize trigger point therapy to relax spastic muscles, relieve tension and improve circulation. This is a fantastic treatment for athletes. Forearms and elbows are used to apply heavy to deep pressure which may lead to soreness. 

Swedish and Deep Tissue

30 Min. $45 Single

30 Min. $90 Couples


1 Hour $75 Single

1 Hour $150 Couples


90 Min. $105 Single

90 Min. $210Couples

Prenatal Massage

Treat your body with a personalized massage designed for expecting mothers. Relieve low back pain and reduce swelling with increased circulation. receive throughout entire pregnancy. 

30 Min. $45

1 Hour $75

Raindrop plus Massage

One hour therapeutic massage with 9 specific pure essential oils added to reduce stress, support a healthy immune system and improve emotional well being. 

$80 Single

$160 Couples

Healing Hot Stone Massage

Swedish massage with full body use of hot stones to calm the nervous system and promote rebalancing of mind and body. 

$90 Single

$180 Couples

Spoil Me Rotten

90 minute Hot Stone massage enhanced with pure essential oils to melt the stress from your tired muscles.

$125 Single

$250 Couples


Activate reflexes in your feet that correlate to individual organs to promote circulation and improving benefits throughout the entire body. Fantastic treatment for plantar fasciitis.

$45 Single

$90 Couples

Hot Stone Back Treatment

Add a little warmth to your session to ease those tense muscles


Silicone Cupping

Loosen restrictions and adhesions in the tissue and optimize athletic performance with this addition. 


Ear Candling

Remove wax build up, alleviate ear aches, sinus pressure and TMJ. 



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