Becoming a VIP is easy...

Spend a minimum of $500 throughout the year and you become a VIP for the following year.

Being a VIP is a reward for being our loyal client.

Receive Exclusive rates on massage and facial services.

Coupons below are one time usage...


Get 25% off a single service

Get 30% off a single service 


BOGO 50% off 2 single services 

$42 a month is a simple break down to

meet the minimum easily over a year. 

FAQ: I use a lot of gift cards, do they count? 

Gift card usage does not count toward your minimum, however, gift card purchases do! If you request a gift card for your special occasion, simply just have the buyer request to have the sale put under your name. Easy peasy. (This has to be completed the day of purchase, it can not be changed later)

FAQ: Do I have to pay $500 in a lump sum?

No! The minimum will be acquired throughout the year. If you wish to become a VIP during the last few months of a given year, then yes, the minimum must be met. 

FAQ: Can I start receiving my discounts as soon as I've met the minimum?

The exclusive rates can be applied as soon as the minimum is met, however, the coupons won't be given until the next year. 

FAQ: Do I need to keep track of a membership card?

Yes. You have to keep track of your coupons, but your exclusive rates are applied without showing your card.